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Chateau des Anglais

The "Chateau des Anglais" (Castle of the English) sits perched high over Autoire as a reminder of Le Lot's deep medieval past. The site's name comes with a fair measure of sarcasm. Dated to the 12th Century, the stone structure served as a lodging and lookout for English soldiers during the Hundred Years War. Abandoned in 18th Century, the townspeople of Autoire began to plunder the fort for its stone. The ruins of the castle (a stone turret and its ramparts) extend under a rocky cliff. Regal and majestic, the Chateau des Anglais stands watch perseveres. Multiple panoramic viewpoints offer stunning views of the valley, including the village and the Autoire waterfall. The castle was registered as an official French historic monument on October 26, 1951.


Autoire Waterfall

Autoire is home to an often deserted waterfall that rises approximately 30 meters from the pool below. Hidden from tourist by a difficult path that climbs steadily through a wild forest landscape, secluded ponds along the way often private locations for picnics on the flat rocks and a cool swim.  Rock climbing courses are available along the cliffs above the waterfall for sporting enthusiasts (bring your own equipment).


The sleepy village of Autoire is often overlooked as a wonderful option for a day trip in the summer months. Nestled in a majestic green valley (cirque d'Autoire) overlooked by ancient ramparts dated to Le Lot's period of English rule, the village's unique 16th and 17th Century architecture of stone houses adorned with turrets and dovecotes (pigeonnières) in brown tile offer tourists the beauty of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie without the tourist crush. The stain glass windows of the modest Church of Saint Pierre is a must see. 

Auberge de la Fontaine in Autoire

Auberge de la Fontaine is located in the heart of Autoire, a medieval town  overlooked by ancient cliffside ramparts and classified as one of France's most beautiful villages. The Auberge (9 rooms and the restaurant) serves somewhat more refined dishes than most traditional restaurants in the area, offering recipes such as a cèpe and escargot casserole (which is excellent). Prices are reasonable with menus stating at 29.50 EURO. Reservations should be made several days in advance, especially for large parties.