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Château de Montal

Château de Castelnau

Château de Cénevières

Château de Castelnau sits perched on top of a hill in the village of Prudomat (between Saint-Céré and Bretenoux.). The castles was built in the 13th Century by the Barons of Castelau, replete with a dungeon and opulent living quarters. Refurbished in the late 19th centrue by famed opera tenor Jean Moulierat, regular musical events are held in the inner courtyard during the summer months. Visitors should also take the time to peruse a significant collection of furniture and art back to the Middle Ages.  

Titans of the Medieval Past

Le Lot's landscape is dotted with castles, testament not only to the strategic military value of the rising foothills of the Midi-Pyrénées but the wealth of the region during Medieval times amongst competing feudal domains. The larger of these castles offer public tours, classical music, opera and plays throughout the year. Several also serve as hotels and venues for weddings. A good number of the smaller castles are privately owned.   

The Chateau de Montal is located in near the city of St. Sere in the commune of Saint-Jean-Lespinasse. Built in the Renaissance style, the castle is designed as two wings rising into multiple towers overlooking an open courtyard.  Rock slate covers the castle's roof.


The Château de Cénevières sits perched above the Lot River between the villages of Saint-Cirq Lapopie and Cajarc in the heart of the "Causses du Quercy". Well preserve ceremonial rooms with painted ceilings echo the merriment, banquets and folklore of Medieval time. The chateau is replete with an alchemist’s cabinet and a patio with a must see view overlooking the Lot Riven.