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The Capitol, Sub-prefectures, Attractions and France's Most Beautiful Villages

Le Lot is home to some of France's most iconographic cities and towns. From the cliff-side city of Rocamadour, France's third most visited tourist destination, to the red stone of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, the region's architecture transports visitors to the medieval past. Visit the markets and fairs, take in the history of World War II resistance landmarks, or find a good local restaurant/bar. Other attractions include Saint-Ceré's castles, Gramat's horse races and the many Fêtes De Villages (Village parties) during the summer months. Following the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route also offers visitors a unique way to discover an array of hidden cathedrals, abbeys and fords. Click on our interactive map to guide you through Le Lot's cities and towns.  


The Capital

​​Cahors (Capitol of Le Lot) is located on a U-shape bend of the Lot River in the southern part of the department. The city is most famous for its "Pont Valentré", a 14th-century six-span fortified stone arch bridge with a magnificent pedestrian crossing, and surrounding vineyards that produce dark Malbec wine. Other attractions include the remains of a Roman amphitheater, the Cathedral of St Etienne and five secret gardens hidden by the walls of the old city.


Le Lot is home to two sub-prefectures: (1) Figeac, the birthplace of Jean-François Champollion, the first translator of Egyptian hieroglyphics; and Gourdon, Le Lot's unofficial center of the arts. Not quite large enough to be categorized as cities but larger than traditional towns, both Gourdon and Figeac offer a range of more cosmopolitan options for visitors with movie theaters and downtown shopping districts. Figeac is also home to the department's main hospital.

​​​France's Most Beautiful Villages

Le Lot is home to six of the 155 villages in France classified as the "Plus Beaux Villages de France":

  • Autoire
  • ​Capdenac-le-Haut
  • ​Cardaillac
  • ​Carennac
  • ​Loubressac
  • Saint-Cirq-Lapopie

In order to qualify for "Plus Beaux Village" status, villages must apply to an independence association. These rural villages must not exceed 2,000 inhabitants and be home to at least two national heritage sites.


Rocamadour, an impossibly built stone city that rise up a sheer cliff face to the towering church of Notre Dame, is Le Lot's main tourist attraction with more than one million visitors a year.  Flights of massive stone steps ascend to a religious cluster at the top of the cliff where a chapel is home to the cult icon of the Black Madonna, a wooden depiction of the Mother Mary said to have been carved by Saint Amator (Amadour) himself.