Cardaillac is located near Le Lot's Sub-Prefecture Figeac on the edge of the Limargue and Ségala, built on a steep plateau in the midst of chestnut trees. The village's rich Medieval history earned a spot on France's most beautiful village list. Things to see in Cardaillac include:

  • Manganel well
  • Agnes tower (13th century defensive tower)
  • “Oustal Vielh” (18th century house)
  • Saignes Clock tower
  • Saint Thomas chapel
  • Round tower
  • Murat wash house (Circa 1924)
  • Mercadiol artisan district

Medieval Past

Cardaillac bears name of one of the most powerful families in the ancient past of  the Quercy. The Cardaillacs built the town as a fort. Construction began in the 8th century by the Bertrand the Knight who fought on the side of Pepin the Short, King of the Franks at the time.  Three 13th Century tours stand to this day, tours that withstood Ricard the Lioheart's attempted invasion in the 12th Century. Cardaillac's impressive Saignes clock tower that stands 21.5 meters above the town dates from the 13th century.

Eclaté Museum

Cardaillac's Eclaté Museum boasts Medieval relics in their indigenous setting. furniture, tools, household items remain staged as they were in the Medieval age.


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