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Exhibition Overview

The 10th annual Arts Garden will recognize Odile Cougoul, the painter and long-time event organizer, as this year's honored guest in Lamothe-Fénelon on June 3-5. The exhibition will be held in the town's old convent and celebrate 21 artists in disciplines ranging from stained glass and sculpture to paintings, maquetry and photography. Works will be displayed in two large exhibition rooms, as well as the convent's garden. The exhibition opens on Saturday, June 3 at 11:30 am. Bob Neal and Michel Herblin of the group One Deux will perform on Sunday at 2:00 pm.

• LAINVILLE Patrick, sculptor

• LESPINASSE Bernard, painter,
• MAYNARD René, painter
• VON MOHRENSCHILDT Christina, marquetry
• MOUSSY Nadine, painter
• NEAL Patricia, painter
• REGNIER Dominique, sculptor
• SERGENT Odile, sculptor and painter
• VOGEL Patrick, sculptor
• WILLIAMS Michael, sculptor and painter

One Deux

La Caleche in Varetz

July 2014

Jarden en Art


​Mai 2016

Other Featured Artists

• AMERY Leo, stained glass
• BLIGNY Daniel, sculptor
• CAYLA Christophe, sculptor
• CLAIR Cyril, painter
• CLISSON Michel, sculptor
• COSTE Michel, sculptor
• DECORSE Pierre, sculptor
• DRIJFHAMER Reinharda, photographer
• DURAND Max, sculptor
• GUERIN Cosima, sculptor


The 10th Arts Garden

Ancien Couvent (Historic Convent) Lamothe-Fénelon

Route de Masclat

June 3-5