Le Triskel is a pub-style bar/restaurant in the small village of Theminette that offers reasonably priced fare in a lively atmosphere. Although self-described as a wine and specialty beer bar that offers snacks, the kitchen serves a full menu of basic but well-prepared dishes. The bar offers an impressive range of specialty beers and a curated wine selection.

Restaurant Guide

Tourists will find no shortage of reasonable to upscale establishments serving the region’s traditional gastronomy. Expect pâté, fois gras or charcuterie in entrée, côte d'agneau or magret de canard for the main, and a local Cabécou (goat) and/or Cantal entre-deux (cow) cheese followed by dessert. Although the days of workmen breaking for prix fixe lunches and wine in village restaurants that could be confused for homes are almost over, there are hidden gems for people who know where to go.

Restaurant/Bar Spotlight: Le Triskel


Le Lot is also home to numerous traditional inns and restaurants for patrons seeking more affordable fare. These restaurants generally offer a prix fix menu with multicourse options or a plat du jour. Other restaurants simply serve a pre-planned menu, usually starting with a bread soup followed by a charcuterie platter, main dish and choice of cheese or dessert. Melon and country ham pairings are common during the summer months. Reservations are generally not required for lunch, although popular restaurants fill up quickly. Reservations are customary for dinner, especially for larger groups.  


Fine Dinning

Le Lot is home to numerous gourmet and fine dinning experiences, including five Michelin starred restaurants: Château de la Treyne; Le Gindreau; Les Trois Soleils; Le Pont de l'Ouysse; and Déjeuner de Sousceyrac. Reservations are best placed at least a week in advance during high season. Expect a price range between 100 - 200 EURO per person depending on wine selection. Other chefs in the area continue to compete for Michelin honors with clusters of gourmet restaurants in Cahors and Rocamadour. 

An assortment of games and a downstairs billiards table are great for children. Terrace seating is available. Le Triskel is only open Thursday through Sunday in the evenings. The lively atmosphere runs often well into the night.

Reservations contact:

06 68 96 26 03

05 65 34 99 05

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