Multiple trails traverse Le Lot: GR65 linking Figeac, Cahors and La Romieu; and GR6 - GR64 - GR652 linking Figeac, Rocamadour, Agen and La Romieu. Follow the scallop shell. Practical information on the various routes, as well as recommended accommodations, may be downloaded from Le Lot's tourism agency:


Le Lot is a well know destination for hikers and cyclists seeking detailed multi-day routes, as well as motorcyclists looking to bend a knee on winding road. The varied topography of hills, mountains and plateaus offer options for all ages and experience, including frequent selection for race stages by the Tour De France. Le Lot is home to over 1500 km of marked trails. Join pilgrims on the road to St. Jacques de Compostela, walk along the Lot River's tow path, or bike among the vineyards of Cahors.

Cycling and Walking Trails

Chemin De Saint Jacques De Compostelle

Le Lot is home to a convergence of paths on the Road to St. Jacques of Compostelle, the pilgrimage to the tomb of James the Apostle located in Santiago de Compostela's Cathedral. The road serves as a way for pilgrims to demonstrate fervor and penitence, as well as partake in the hospitality and traditions of those along the way. Pilgrims began making the voyage as early as the 9th Century. The Catholic Church took heed, officially ordaining the pilgrimage in the 11th Century and elevating Santiago de Compostela with Jerusalem and Rome as one of the three great Pilgrimages of Christendon in the 15th Century. Today, various routes across Europe converge on Spain attracting more than 200,000 pilgrims every year.

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