Les Gabares Norbert 

Located in the village of La Roque Gageac (in the adjoining Department of the Dordogne), Les Gabares Norbert offers a river voyage in replicas of 18th Century sailing ships.  The 55 minute roundtrip is designed around river vistas of five medieval castles:  Chateau de Castelnaud, the Chateau de Marqueyssac, the Chateau de Lacoste and the Chateau de la Malartrie.

The price for individual tickets is EURO 9.50 for adults and 7.50 for children under thirteen. Group rates range from EURO 6.50 to EURO 8. Reservations for larger groups in encouraged several days ahead, especially during the summer months.

Open: March 26 - October 31.
seven days a week from 10:00 am and 6:00 pm (afternoons only in October). 
Website: http://www.gabarres.com/
Contact: Tel : +33 (0)5 553 294 044
Email : gabares-norbert@norbert.fr

The Dordogne is the largest of the Lot's three main rivers, rising from a spring in the mountains of Auvergne before following 500 west through Limousin and Périgord regions before joining the Gironde just before the Atlantic. The river passes ever so slightly through the northern part of the department and is more closely associated with Le Lot's sister department of the same name. Rental locations at periodic interval along the nearly 60 km of navigable water between Beaulieu and Souillac offer a variety of excursions for those looking for a day out on the river. The water is exceptionally clean as a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2012.

Embarcadère rive gauche

Open: June 15 - September 15
Contact:  Tel: +33 (0)5 55 28 15 75; Tel 2: 06 77 18 11 95; Email: montarnalP@wanadoo.fr

Les Canoes de Fred

Located in the village of Luzech west of Cahors, the nautical base at "Les berges de Caix" (The banks of the Caix) offers canoe/kayak and gabare rentals. Planned excursions include trips to the Castle of the Angle (2-3 hours) and the nautical center at Antinéa (4-5 hours) where staff will drive you back to your car. Canoes and kayaks rent for 6 EURO an hour, 10-13 EURO for half-a-day and 15-18 EURO for the longer excursion to Antinéa. 

Open: June-September; Departure times at  10:00 am and 3:00 pm. 
Website: http://www.caixbasenautique.fr/
Contact: 05 65 21 07 86 

Les Berges de Caix

3 Rue de la Clé des Champs
46130 Biars-sur-Cère

Open: June - September
Contact: +33 6 24 38 33 93

Safaraid Dordogne

live le lot

The Lot River

Le Lot’s namesake, the Lot River, rises in the Lozère before as a spring making its way 481 kilometres (km) through Aveyron, Cantal, and Le Lot before finding its way as a right tributary of the Garron in Lot-et-Garron. The river's path winds its way through five départements. The passage between Saint-Côme-d’Olt and Estaing is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

A significant part of the Lot River's 75 kilometer navigable portion passes through Le Lot between the towns of Luzech and Larnagol. Several locks were built during the nineteenth century, transforming the river into a commercial waterway navigated by flat-bottom boats called "Gabare". Although those days are long past, Le Lot's rich boating tradition remains deeply ingrained in the culture. Houseboat and canoeing rental locations dot the river's navigable seventeen locks.  Houseboat rentals generally start at  700 EURO per week or 350 EURO for a weekend trip. Numerous kayak/canoeing rental location offer affordable hour-long or day passes.

Les Gabares de la Dordogne

Located in the town of Douelle west of Cahors, the nautical center (and leisure center) Antinéa offers a rustic river beach experience, avoiding some of the commercial pitfalls of other locations. Boat and bike rentals are available for reasonable rates. Amenities include a bar/restaurant that puts on a "Guinguette" (musical night of drinking and dancing). Adventurous teenagers make good use of the SNCF rail bridge nearby. 

Open: July-August
Contact: 05 65 21 07 86

Ile de la Prade

46110 Carennac, France


Open: June - September
Contact: +33 6 30 87 66 65


The Dordogne River

Carennac Aventure

Dordogne: Canoe/Kayak Locations


Safaraid Dordogne
Les Vormes

46110 Vayrac


Open: June - September
Contact: +33 (0)5 65 37 44 87